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My plan is to teach people how to build a professional looking and fully functional website. To execute this plan I realize that I need to teach how to implement and how to update a website using a ‘Content Management System’ and that I need to keep it simple for the sake of any novices. Not teaching how to do ‘coding’ and focusing on the design and content of the website should achieve this goal.

The three most popular CMS choices being used today to build websites are WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Of the three, WordPress is the most widely used and easiest to learn and implement. I chose WordPress for my classes as it is powerful, yet easy to develop without learning to code.

For those that know some HTML and CSS, you will be able to tweak the stylesheets of WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal as they may be customized. I find myself in this category as I usually like to make slight modifications to the themes I use.

With any one you choose to implement of the three content management systems (CMS) you are able to build the website for free. The part that is free is the software. This includes the CMS, most themes, and most plugins. In the case of WordPress, hosting is also free at WordPress.com (if you choose to not get your own domain name). Click on the following link to get more information about registering a domain name and hosting.

The reason I recommend using one of these three CMS’s is that with them you are able develop a powerful, dynamic, and responsive web presence, with plenty of themes and plugins to choose from and abundant online support.

Please check out my other pages on what is involved in setting up your domain name and hosting, as well as the pros and cons of the three CMS’s, and all about free vs. paid hosting.

If you decide to get my help with designing your website, whether it be to learn how to do it yourself, or whether it be to hire me to design it for you, please use the Contact form to communicate with me.

Thank you.